Passion for flight – preface.

I was privileged to have a South African as my flying instructor; one of a huge number, who joined the Royal Air Force both during and after the Second World War. His passion for flying was an inspiration to me and I suspect, to all those lucky enough to have been taught by him. This spirit of adventure has never been far removed from the genetic makeup of most South Africans and the lure of aviation has been a powerful motivator for many of their countrymen, who have sought to push the boundaries in this demanding and often dangerous environment.
This book brings together the outstanding contributions of fourteen aviators from South Africa – some of whom are world famous names, others less so – whose endeavours in pioneering aviation in Africa, in defending human freedoms in World War II, in providing humanitarian assistance or missionary support from the air, single each of them out for special recognition. When writing this book, Peter Bagshaw identified modesty as a quality common to many of the most brilliant aviators. Equally true is the fact that, while relishing the opportunities and challenges offered by their chosen career, these men never put self before service. Their commitment, in peace and war, to the good of mankind required skil l, determination and selfless courage. Their stories stand testament to the deeds of so many who have dedicated their lives to the service of others through a passion for flight .

Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire GCB DFC AFC DL DSc FRAeS

Passion For Flight – new release.


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