Where Will You Draw The Line?

“There are Christian leaders who do not feel it is the role of the church to confront evil in government.  They feel we must concern ourselves only with spiritual matters, as though the killing of unborn babies and support for public morality are beyond that scope.  These leaders are saying “It is not our calling”.  To those Christians who want to say nothing against evil Dr Dobson asks these important questions:
At what point will you rise to defend what you believe?
Is there anything worth putting your reputation or your life in jeopardy?
Will you object if your children are routinely indoctrinated in homosexual ideology in schools?
Will you object if imperfect babies are killed in our hospitals?
Will you object if involuntary euthanasia becomes widespread in our nursing homes?
Will you object if the government tells your pastor or priest what he can say from the pulpit?
In Sweden an evangelical pastor who preached on Sodom and Gomorrah was convicted of `verbal violence’ against homosexuals and sentenced to a four week prison term!
Will you object if the church loses its non profit status and is heavily taxed?
Will you object if the government assumes ‘ownership’ of children and tell parents how they must raise them under the penalty of losing custody?
Will you object if boys and girls are given a wide range of rights that override the wishes of their parents? Will you object if each family is permitted only one baby, as is the policy in China today?
Will you object if Christian business people are required to satisfy a quota of homosexual and lesbian employees?
Will you object if churches are not exempt from that quota obligation?
Will you object if universities refuse to grant degrees to outspoken Christian students?
Will you object if daughters or sisters or wives are drafted into the military and required to fight in combat?
Will you object if obscenity laws are repealed and child pornography is ignored by the government?

To rephrase my question to those who oppose Christian political involvement just where will you draw the line?  Is there any freedom or principle you would defend with your life?

Dr. Dobson is calling Christians to prayer and action.  Reminding his readers of times of national emergency in the past, he states again the calls for appeasement heard so often before World War II: “We can’t win in that arena.”  “That’s irrelevant!” says Dr Dobson. “It is not our duty to win, it is our duty to be faithful!”

Some years ago Dr. Dobson wrote a fully documented 8 page letter to the supporters of the Focus on the Family movement, this is a brief extract.